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Sports Monitor Report 2013

ISC Sports Monitor 2013


Economic Impact of Sports in Ireland 

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 Regional Participation

Irish Sports Council

In 2007 and 2009 the Irish Sports Council collaborated with the Economic and Social Research Institute to produce a series of reports on adult participation in sport in various regions throughout the country. The reports are based on the data from the Council's Irish Sports Monitor which is the national monitor for participation in sport among adults (aged 16+). Eight reports were produced.

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 Physical Activity and Sport: Participation and Attitudes of Older People in Ireland 2007

 PA Sport Older Adults 2007 

Physical Activity and Sport 2011: Participation and Attitudes of Older People in Ireland.

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Irish Sports Monitor Report 2013 on participation levels of adults

Sporting Lives 2008

Irish Sports Monitor Report 2013 on participation levels of adults

ISC Sports Monitor 2013 

Assessment of economic impact of sport in Ireland 2010

ISC Economic Impact of Sport 2010

I’ve always considered myself a sports fanatic – but only when it came to watching other people do it! Three years ago, I decided to give running a go. So armed with my iphone, the couch to 5k app and hidden from the world on a secluded beach close to my home, I started to move... slowly. Jogging for 30 seconds to start with felt like an eternity. But somehow, I managed to keep moving and got to my goal of running 5k without stopping (or keeling over!) within a couple of months. But to get any better, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. It was then that I took the next step and joined my local athletic club, entered my first 10k (the Great Ireland Run) and I haven’t looked back since. Time wise, it is easy to fit into a busy life. Training takes place for an hour three times a week, with a long slow run on a Sunday. Three years on and a second child added to the family (I continued to run a slow 5k throughout my pregnancy), I have just completed a half marathon, something I would have thought impossible not that long ago. Running has given me energy, confidence, a new circle of friends and much needed head space away from the demands of work and parenting.

 Joanne, Drogheda, Co. Louth