Physical activity for people living with chronic disease

Regular physical activity plays an important role in the management of and secondary prevention for many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma and osteoporosis. Patients may be concerned about becoming more active. These factsheets provide guidance for patients living with chronic disease who would benefit from becoming more active regularly. You can click on the image for the full fact sheet. 

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Fact sheet for Early Childcare and Education Providers

Physical activity plays a vital role in a child’s development. It builds a young child’s confidence, promotes bone & muscle development and increases the likelihood of maintaining a long term healthy weight. As an early childcare and education provider you have the opportunity to create a healthy environment which will support children to establish a healthy start in life.

Factsheet PA Childcare Providers

I’ve always considered myself a sports fanatic – but only when it came to watching other people do it! Three years ago, I decided to give running a go. So armed with my iphone, the couch to 5k app and hidden from the world on a secluded beach close to my home, I started to move... slowly. Jogging for 30 seconds to start with felt like an eternity. But somehow, I managed to keep moving and got to my goal of running 5k without stopping (or keeling over!) within a couple of months. But to get any better, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. It was then that I took the next step and joined my local athletic club, entered my first 10k (the Great Ireland Run) and I haven’t looked back since. Time wise, it is easy to fit into a busy life. Training takes place for an hour three times a week, with a long slow run on a Sunday. Three years on and a second child added to the family (I continued to run a slow 5k throughout my pregnancy), I have just completed a half marathon, something I would have thought impossible not that long ago. Running has given me energy, confidence, a new circle of friends and much needed head space away from the demands of work and parenting.

 Joanne, Drogheda, Co. Louth